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The Southern African Development Community (SADC), Youth Network, herein SADC Youth Network, is the flagship of integrated youth initiatives within the Southern African region. Officially first registered in Zambia in 2016, the organization is a non-profit organization that seeks to domesticate, translate and interpret all relevant protocols, policies and treaties with the intent to foster inclusion of young people in decision making processes at all levels. One of its major mandate is to create a platform for young people and creating a conscious and solutions to recurring challenges and problems facing young people in Southern Africa. The future of an integrated and prosperous SADC YOUTH NETWORK has foreseen that, poverty will be eliminated and guaranteed universal well-being for its peoples, amid peace, tranquility and security, is within reach from an unusual source – the region’s "very young population", where three-quarters of these who live here are under 35 years of age. With the attainment of independence, and a growing trend of guaranteed democratic government transitions, the regional youth is ready to tap into its immense natural wealth, and demographic pot of gold and enter a new era – of unprecedented socio-economic justice and sustainable development.